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JOHN SWIFT, Principal

John Swift has been involved in land use planning and development for the past 40 years.  He opened Swift Consulting Services, Inc in September of 2017. Previously he was the founder and  principal of Hamilton Swift & Associates, Inc., established  in 1986 and succeeded in establishing the company as the premier private sector planning consulting firm in the area.  John’s strengths lie in his ability to communicate effectively with clients, government staff and the public while navigating the complex regulatory environment of the development entitlement process.  He has extensive knowledge and experience both in the planning and development of real estate projects that provide a unique insight and perspective. His experience in developing his own projects provides him with a  deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of development.    Throughout his 40 years of professional experience he has developed the ability to successfully manage a wide range of complex projects including industrial parks, retail and service commercial, multifamily and single family residential as well as mixed use.    


Mr. Swift’s public sector experience includes a total of over eight years of employment with such jurisdictions as the Santa Monica Mountain Planning Agency, the City of San Jose, and the County of Santa Cruz.  His primary responsibilities during his public sector work included staff management, permit processing, presentations to public agencies, site and design review, long range and environmental planning, and project management.  John is currently a Board Member at the Santa Cruz County Boys and Girls Club. John is past chairperson of the County of Santa Cruz Housing Advisory Commission and was involved in the formulation of housing policies for the County of Santa Cruz.  He recently served on the City of Santa Cruz Corridor Rezoning Task Force .  John is currently coaching youth basketball at the Santa Cruz County Boys and Girls Club and the Scots Valley AAU Club.

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