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Since the adoption of the Santa Cruz County in 2018, Swift Consulting Services has played a key role in assisting applicants with cannabis permitting and licensing.  We have helped numerous clients obtain permits and licenses for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation.  Permitting and licensing has also included non-volatile and volatile extraction, processing and drying facilities, and distribution activities.  As this new regulatory process has evolved, we have kept abreast of the County's interpretations and practices and have advocated successfully on behalf of our clients in order to successfully navigate through the City and County of Santa Cruz permit processes.  We have and continue to provide input to policy and decision-makers on ways to improve the permit process in order to benefit the cannabis industry.

The following are some of the projects that we have assisted clients to obtain permits:        

600,000 square foot green house cultivation operation with 16,000 square feet of drying, manufacturing and processing space for up to 3 licenses.

120,000 square foot outdoor cultivation operation with 10,000 square feet of drying barns.

350,000 square foot greenhouse cultivation operation with drying space within a 9,000 square foot processing building.

350,000 square foot greenhouse cultivation operation with manufacturing and processing facilities in an existing warehouse space.

Various outdoor cultivation operations ranging in size from 5,000 to 20,000 square feet.

Several retail and manufacturing sites in Santa Cruz City and Santa Cruz County.

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